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The gulfs of Mont Gelé glacier

The gulfs of Mont Gelé glacierWhen Daniele noticed that strange hole on Mont Gelé glacier it was probably in 2003, and a lot of curiosity aroused in him. He found out soon that he wasn't the sole to be interested in such phenomenon; there was a team of scientists from “Montagna Sicura” Foundation from Courmayeur that was studying the gulf of Mont Gelé glacier. At present, gulfs are two.

Besides the constant monitoring of the site, there is an experimental project of georadar researches for the recognition of endoglacial and subglacial lakes commissioned by Aosta Valley Council to “Montagna Sicura” Foundation named “Glacial routes – Epiglacial and endoglacial lakes”.

To know more read “Montagna Sicura” reports or come up here to see them personally! We would like to thanks “Montagna Sicura” Foundation for giving us all the photographic material and reports concerning the gulfs of Mont Gelé glacier.

The gulfs of Mont Gelé glacierThe gulfs of Mont Gelé glacier

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