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The restaurant

Ristorante Bar Crete Seche   In our restaurant you will find mainly traditional dishes of Aosta Valley. We buy the meat in a small butcher's shop in Bionaz, the cow's milk cheese we serve is produced in the surrounding mountain pastures of Bionaz, while goat's cheese is bought from small producers settled in the mountain pastures of Fénis. Our selection of sliced meats comes strictly from Aosta Valley; the “prosciutto crudo”, a fine raw ham, comes from the Valley of Gran San Bernardo. The bread is homemade using a fine selection of wheat milled in Piedmont and our “polenta” is made by cornmill ground by a water-powered stone grist mill. Our cakes are homemade following mum's recipes, we make ourselves the jam for breakfast with fruits coming from mum's and dad's plants in Fénis, and the jam we serve with our cheese comes from a small biological farm settled in Nus. Since this year the milk we serve is 100% guarantee from Aosta Valley.

Fontana del rifugioThe drinking water flows from a source at 200 meters from the shelter and it is analyzed regularly; it's a spring water with many virtues particularly useful in case of renal diseases. Our coffee and tea are bought in a biological fair trade market.

As you may have noticed, our aim is to favour the quality of products, buying them mainly in Aosta Valley. Following this managerial philosophy means that we are obliged to reduce the variety of the dishes served; after a choice of 3 entries there will be therefore a unique main dish; then our “polenta” or vegetables will accompany the meat dish of the day, followed by our homemade cakes. This management philosophy is quite difficult because food supplies are carried on back, by the donkeys or by helicopter; therefore it would be easier to buy a lot of canned precooked food instead. To make this philosophy a success we need guests open minded and well disposed towards it... We are waiting for you!

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